Video Camera Inspections | Express Drain & Sewer Cleaning | Hollywood, FL

Express Drain & Sewer Cleaning has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to locate and identify any existing or potential pipe failures in your plumbing/mechanical systems.  With video inspection we can determine where drainage leaks may be, any tree root intrusion growing thru the lines or if your septic tank needs to be pumped out or if it is working properly.

When we come to your home or business and we will run a camera through your sewer main lines and/or kitchen, laundry and lateral lines. We use state of the art video camera equipment to inspect the interior of the sewer system. We are able to pin-point the location of the camera head or any defects within the pipe from above slab or grade level.  We are also able to locate your septic tank with the use of our video camera and locator.

We are capable of tracing basically any type of sanitary line below slab or grade level, or above grade level and in walls if necessary.

From this the technique will be able to evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution for your specific problem.

Residential sewer drain pipes are creating havoc for property owners. Sanitary sewer systems leak, back up or fail entirely due to aging lines, root intrusion, calcification and ground or foundation movement, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in damage to their homes and landscaping. In addition to the expense and inconvenience, backed up or leaky sewage systems in and under home or building creates health risks such as contamination from mold and harmful bacteria.

A sewer pipe inspection gives our clients the peace of mind to know that their pipes are clean or, if there are problems, prepares them with knowledge and options to proactively address the situation.