Storm Drain CleaningStorm Drain Cleaning By Express Drain & Sewer Cleaning | Hollywood, FL


During severe weather or disaster conditions in Florida drains can easily clog due to excess water or debris resulting in traffic impairments and other hazards. As a commercial or municipal entity one of your first tasks will undoubtedly be to clear clogged parking lot and street drains so that emergency vehicles and other traffic can pass. During such emergency situations, we hope that you’ll consider Express Drain & Sewer Cleaning to be your first choice parking drain clearing professional. Our expertly trained Express Drain & Sewer Cleaning technicians are available to help during emergency hours (weekdays after 5pm and weekends).   We’ll respond fast to your emergency and get the job done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Every day fluids and debris clog parking lot drains, street drains and critical pipe systems necessary to keep Florida’s streets and neighborhoods dry. Parking drain clogs can quickly develop and cause severe backups – even flooding that could lead to property damage. Regular drain maintenance, drain cleaning and drain clearing can be critical to your commercial or municipal preventative maintenance program.

With the use of our Vac-Con  we have efficient, safe and powerful drain cleaning equipment that can remove drain-clogging debris from parking lot drains, catch basins and other areas. Don’t risk property damage or flooding. Call us to clear your drains today!

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